2018 Naish Thrust Complete Surf Foil-Large

$1,499.00 $999.00 inc GST

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How the Naish Thrust Surf Foil surfs:

The most notable thing about surfing the Thrust is that you generate speed through turns. It also generates a lot of power by pumping the board up and down. Unlike some other foils, as you turn, pump and make your way down the line you continue to generate speed which will keep you on foil.

The mast length is the perfect size for surf foiling. Not too short or long. You have enough length so you don’t come flying out of the water, and it is also short enough so you don’t hit the bottom when you are riding through shallow waters.

The Large wing has a lot of lift and is really stable. If you are riding more powerful surf you might want to check out the Medium wing. The Medium wing will have less drag for paddling and better waves. The size chart is accurate so pick by your foil based on your weight and you will be set up with the right one.


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