Fk Funboard cover

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FK Funboard Board Bag. Quality generous width single boardbag 5mm padding, corrosion resistant zip.

The FK Funboard Boardbag is a great all round good value boardbag. No nonsense, it’s designed to cater for one board but this could be anything from your normal shortboard to a wider Fish thanks to generous sizing. Construction is of a UV reflective tarpee material. So you get great protection from the sun. Also waterproof, it’s a tough sturdy material so won’t rip or tear easily. The boardbag has 5mm padding so you get great all-round protection. The nylon zip is corrosion resistant so will run smoothly which is one of the most vital features. The FK Funboard Boardbag nose has extra protection with buffer pieces on both sides. A great storage option of a hanging loop is included. This is a  handy feature as it allows you to hang your board keeping it off the ground and out of the way from kicks and bumps. A shoulder strap completes the bag and it’s detachable so you can put it out of the way as needed. T