Duotone unit D/LAB 2023 Foil Wing

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The Duotone Unit D/LAB is the best wing out there, designed with the most advanced materials and construction technology to give you the ultimate ride.

Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a specific colour for this product. The wing comes in a randomly chosen colorway. This allows for better use of production materials and reduced waste.

With the latest Aluula fabric, the wing is lighter, more responsive and has improved lift, drift, power and hang time. The MOD3 Canopy channels the energy from the Aluula material into pure acceleration, resulting in significantly improved draft stability, power delivery and pumping efficiency. This allows the use of smaller wings in lighter winds and an increased usable range.

The Unit D/LAB Wing from Duotone is perfect for surfing, powerful riding, jumps and tricks at all levels.