Fanatic Blast HRS 2020

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Fanatic Blast HRS 2020


The parallel rail concept delivers serious freeride performance, combining effortless speed with pure gybing pleasure.

Just like its Stubby Wave siblings, the narrower width compared to equivalent freeride boards gives the BLAST an increased level of efficiency. The wider nose and pulled in tail offer blistering acceleration, but also a stable platform to drive from, giving you tons of speed and control over chop.

Push as gentle or as hard as you want in the corners, and the Blast responds immediately to bring you out the far side with ease.

Performance has never come so easy!


+The wide tail and nose make the Blast a very stable platform when off the plane
+At speed the ride is locked in, very stable and comfortable
+Can be gybed aggressively in experienced hands thanks to the thin rails, but also very easily for less experienced riders due to the wide tail
+Amazing acceleration from the wide tail and low drag characteristics of the parallel rails
+Easy access to high performance
+Equally comfortable with rotational or camber induced rigs
+Construction Available in LTD and new HRS construction version
+Tuttle Box for strength and approved for foil use in all sizes


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