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The Starship is for windsurfers looking for the ultimate non-widebody freeride board. These boards deliver blistering speed potential, plane early and jibe on demand. Whether it’s cranking duck jibes and 360s with insert strap positions, or sailing slalom-style with outboard positions, it is easy to access the Starship’s versatility. The wide selection of footstrap insert options not only allows for the switch between a more maneuverable setting (inside) and a more slalom oriented setting (outside), but also provides ample opportunity to trim fore and aft. With the Naish Foil Power Box adapter, the Starship is also equipped for windsurf foiling.


  • Tail Cut Outs
  • Medium Density Footpads
  • MFC Freemove Fin
  • Power Box
  • Footstrap Insert Position Variety


  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
  • Full S-glass Sandwich Wrap with Durafinish
  • Triangular Glass Reinforcement
  • Full PVC Wrap Deck & Bottom
  • Full Glass Wrap Deck & Bottom
  • Molded EPS Closed Cell Core
Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
85 L 223 cm 57.5 cm Up to 6.4 Powerbox MFC Freemove 32 cm
95 L 231 cm 60 cm Up to 7.0 Powerbox MFC Freemove 34 cm
105 L 236 cm 63 cm Up to 7.4 Powerbox MFC Freemove 36 cm
115 L 240 cm 66 cm Up to 7.8 Powerbox MFC Freemove 38 cm

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