Ion Radium Curv 13 Waist Harness

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Ion Radium Curv 13 Waist Harness

Performance, comfort and support all come together in the Ion Curv 13.  The Curv freeride series is made of a completely molded composite material with a high back allowing for great back support and flexible side panels for a comfortable fit in a supportive, stiff harness.  Additionally, this construction comes with an internal EVA giving the rider maximum comfort while sailing.  The Radium Curv 13 also features a fiber reinforced C-Bar with a new tension lever allowing the rider to tighten their harness without the hassle of having to constantly adjust the buckle settings to get the best fit and an internal flex belt to keep your harness from slipping while unhooked.


Key Features:

  • Low weight
  • High harness outline
  • C-Bar
  • Inside Eva

Flex Index (1-20)
The flex index describes the rigidity of the harness.
Higher flex index = hard and rigid
Lower flex index = soft and flexible
Men's harness waist size