Wynnum Popular in  Northerly it gets more wind than either Manly or Wellington Point, has the down side that the tide really knocks it around. Best on a couple of hours each side of high tide can be a bit of a washing machine on big tide unless you sail of the shore a fair way.

Redcliffe One of the few area in Brisbane that is not really effected by tide on the northern end there is Queens beach which has some protection from the south east so it is easier for the less experienced. Further down is Suttons beach which is a great spot with plenty of swell in Southerly’s and Northerly’s Great Air Time.

Shorncliffe Popular with a few locals but is affected by the tide but gets some really clear south easters.

Manly Picks up more breeze in a Northerly than Wellington Point and suits port tack jumping when the wind is from the North. In a south Easter gets a good clear breeze with a swell around 1 metre than is quite steep(Wellington Point gets more swell when a south easter has been blowing for a few days). Tide affected,  as you can launch from the end of the rock wall. Good spot for learning is Rose Bay but only  a couple of hours each side of high tide . A Lot of the sailors have moved to Kite beach (RQYS) since the alteration to rock wall have made it harder to launch


Clear wind in south easter to south and also anything from the north. Rqys has built the windsurfing school of excellence here so a lot of kids learning here. A bit of a walk out on low tide, but mid time up just sail off beach. Probably the most popular spot in brisbane now (often seen 30 plus sailors out). Bayside club runs their slalom races from here. More and more sailors are joining Rqys as crew members to have access to the great facilities on offer

Wellington Point The most all-round spot in Brisbane, Wello is one of the few spots that work in all wind directions. On a northerly wind you sail on the Waterloo bay side and sail out towards Manly, is a long walk through mud on a low tide. You can sail on the eastern side of the sand spit and that area gets some great rolling swell. In a southeaster the sailing is on the Stradbroke Island side, nothing to worry about on the high tide but on half tide and less stick to the channel. The swell past the end leads can be quite good if the wind has been up for a few days. Probably the only spot that has clear wind in the winter south westers.

Victoria Point A good spot in a south easter on high tide especially if you prefer flat water sailing

Noosa Heads Great spot for a northerly, but can be difficult to get out on an incoming tide – but once your out in the bay there are some great ramps with good Port tack jumping. Watch out for the fisherman’s lines as you launch in the river mouth. If there are any learners in your group, the Noosa River offers a great place to give them some great flat water sailing – but it is a bit gusty. Does not really work in a Southeaster

Lake Weyba Just south of Noosa, Weyba is similar to Cootharaba but smaller. It has limited access from Eurunbella Road, but works best in a big Southeaster.

Lake Cootharabah One of the most popular spots on the Sunshine coast – a great weekend retreat. Probably the best in the summer Northerly’s that blow cross-shore at Boreen Point – also good in Southeaster, that blow on shore. There is a bit of a walk out (especially if you have big fins). Camping can be done at either Elanda or Boreen Point, the later is more popular with the sailboards. Windsurfing Qld run some very laid- back racing once a month. Would have to be the perfect spot for learners with the water rarely getting more than 1.5 m in depth.

Mooloolaba One of the great spots in a northerly breeze with a big rolling swell. You can launch in the corner which offer protection from the swell. Not much good in any Southerly’s as it is protected by the headland.Ann Street Good in Southeaster, protected launch site. Cross on shore in a south easter and not really tide affected. Short tack upwind to reef break. On a low tide and if the winds been up for a few days can get a bit gnarly. One of the few spots that does not have to stronger rip

Kings Beach This is the spot allot sailors launch from to sail the bar at Caloundra. The bar is a good spot on an incoming tide for your early wave sailing attempts as you get better the out going tide stands the swell up . Works in most of the normal summer breeze and is probably one of the best spots to get some of the winter south westers on the sunshine coast

Caloundra One of the most popular sailing spots on the north coast. Great sandy beaches and relative safe sailing. Open to most breezes but has some great blasting conditions in a summer sea breezes. Probably does not get quite as much wind as you do in Brisbane but the beaches are much nicer. Watch out for the current especially if you are learning to water start. Sand bars can cause a problem when the sun gets low on the water in the late afternoon and cuts down your visibility.

Bribie Island (Southern End) A spot worth visiting , good clear wind in most directions with some big swell when you get through the shore break. Great spot if you want to push your skills a bit further and don’t mind sailing in very open waters. On some tides the rips and chop can get quite nasty.

Broadwater The main two spots on the broadwater are the “train” and Jennifer Ave. Jennifer Ave. offers longer runs than the “train” and a bit more chop. The “train” is the most popular flat water spot on the coast with most slalom sailors sailing there.

Main Beach Many of the beaches on the gold coast can work but some of the pick spots are Narrow Neck and Duranbah they do how ever have some strong rips.


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