2024 Ultra Jet Foil Complete alloy mast (75 fuselage)

$2,199.00 inc GST

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Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

The Ultra Jet range is the next level in all-around foiling performance. Utilizing the latest in carbon construction technology, it provides a seamless connection to many popular Naish fuselages and offers a dual expansion core for an agile yet stable ride. The lightweight and robust build combines 100% prepreg 3K carbon with both UD carbon and glass core layup for enhanced strength and improved lift without compromising speed or pumping power. The Ultra Jet foil wing has been designed to deliver gradual lift, both fore and aft, as well as horizontal stability so riders of all levels can enjoy a more accessible yet still thrilling ride. With increased speed and unrivaled maneuverability, this high-performance foil will suit any conditions or skill level for wingfoiling, kitefoiling, windsurfing or SUP foiling. The thinner profile also allows for faster acceleration while still providing excellent control when turning due to its rounded wing tips, giving you a secure experience regardless of your riding style.

g 3K Carbon Outer Layer Satin Finish

Durable and lightweight construction

Rounded Wing Tips

Provide excellent control when turning

Thinner Profile

Delivers gradual lift and provides horizontal stability

User Friendly

Easy to ride, great all-around foiling performance

Robust foil section

Delivers gradual lift and provides horizontal stability

Dual Expansion Core Construction

Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate