WARP_FIN 20.21 2021 5.0

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Here comes the evolution of the world champion sail with which Pierre Mortefon won the PWA Overall title in 2019. And it is with this sail that he will once again go on the hunt for the World Cup crown in 2021!
In racing, maximum acceleration and control over the equipment are what counts to be at the top of the podium. So it is only logical that all the innovations and improvements to the WARP_FIN 20.21 are aimed precisely at optimizing them. To achieve this, the latest generation of our fastest sails, specifically designed for fin sailing, has been completely revised. What can initially only be recognized by the changed luff curve and the overall stretched outline, however, has many new features “hidden” in the sail.
The more pronounced high aspect ratio design, especially in the larger sizes, with a shortened boom length and the profile shifted forward, requires less power, feels lighter in your hands and gives more control at the upper wind limit. In addition, stiffer tube battens stabilize the shape well into the overpowered range and you can easily convert even monster gusts into a plus in speed. All in all the WARP_FIN 20.21 is more balanced, less exhausting and even more controllable. On the one hand.
On the other side, also the acceleration and planning power got improved to make ground after the start and jibes. Based on the successful NO COMPROMISE DESIGN concept, the draft position has been moved a bit further up to lift the board, improve planing and explosive acceleration thanks to reduced resistance. The NO COMPROMISE DESIGN also makes it possible that the propulsion does not start abruptly and has to be “muscled down” but builds up much softer than with other power slalom sails! This relieves the pilot, gives power reserves for the whole course and full concentration on the race.
There are other positive side effects of the modified profile geometry with a higher draft position: the trim of the board improves and in combination with the unrivalled soft camber rotation the sail shifts even more effortless and faster. This is another reason why the WARP_FIN 20.21 is the first choice not only for World Cuppers.