Duotone Foil Wing Set Whizz SLS 2025 1000-155

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Unmatched Performance and Design
The Whizz SLS stands out with its mid-aspect ratio of 8.5, meticulously balanced to marry efficient pumping with nimble handling, ideal for surf enthusiasts who demand both power and finesse. Its design features a straight outline with zero sweep, optimizing the lift-to-drag ratio to enhance your pumping efficiency significantly. From a frontal view, the wing boasts a progressive dihedral shape, lending a playful and responsive feel to every ride.

Engineered for Excellence
Our design team has drawn inspiration from the renowned Glide 2145 pump wing, employing a robust airfoil design that effectively delays stalling. This allows riders to maintain momentum and continue pumping even at lower speeds. Each size of the Whizz SLS wings is meticulously calibrated, with adjusted thickness and camber to accommodate a wide speed range and ensure robust lift, even at reduced velocities.

Revolutionary Stabilizers for Ultimate Control
To complement the dynamic nature of the Whizz SLS, we have introduced an innovative range of stabilizers. The Stabilizer S features a minimal sweep and a subtle dihedral angle, enhancing the overall fun and loose feeling during your ride. This distinctive profile, differing markedly from our P or C stabilizers, significantly boosts the setup’s pumping efficiency, making it a joy to maneuver.

Versatile Size Options for Every Rider
The Whizz SLS is available in four sizes: 850, 1000, 1200, and 1450. The smaller sizes are perfect for advanced surf foilers who prioritize wave maneuverability and also suit wing and kite foiling applications. Meanwhile, the larger sizes provide an accessible platform for beginners or heavier riders to refine their prone surfing or wake foiling techniques. These sizes also excel in SUP foiling across slower and weaker swell conditions, offering a playful yet challenging experience for dockstart wings among intermediate to advanced riders.

Optimal Setup Recommendations
For peak performance, pair the Whizz front wing with our 66cm Alu fuselage, ideally positioned slightly forward compared to our Carve or Glide wings. For those seeking extra playfulness, our shorter 60cm fuselage is an excellent choice, while our 74cm option offers a more controlled ride, suitable for those who prefer a steadier foiling experience.

Experience the Whizz SLS Difference
Embark on a foiling adventure like no other with the Whizz SLS and understand why it has become a favorite among our team. Its innovative design and performance capabilities promise to transform your water sports experience, offering both thrill and control in equal measure. Discover the unique character and advanced performance of the Whizz SLS, and see for yourself why it stands out as a leader in foiling technology.

Duotone Foil Wing Set Whizz SLS 2025 TEHNICAL