Fanatic flow wing series (complete setup)

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This is a great value way to get into winging

new AL 3.0 masts and fuselages was the logical step to have cross compatibility between all Aero and Flow wings. Very popular for ambitious Windsurf Foiling, the Flow 1000 is amongst the favourite foils of our design team to speed up their Wing Foiling sessions in higher winds. The two lower aspect Flow 1250 and 1500 adding to our range of direct turning wings. The 1500 is the ultimate weapon for lightwind Windsurf Foiling, with a thinner and faster profile compared to the liftier but slower moving Aero 1500. The 1250 makes a great combo for direct turning behavior in surf and for carving maneuvers – whether you’re powered by a wing, a windsurf sail or pure surf while prone foiling in medium surf. The AL 3.0 masts and fuselages have been reduced massively in weight without compromising stiffness and ease of use. Instead, they add playfulness and adjustability for your progression.

The updated Flow Foil Range comes in three sizes:

Lower Aspect – Lift / Early Flight

• Flow Foil 1500: Earliest lift and insane glide for Windsurf Foiling – surf inspired direct turning

• Flow Foil 1250: Top choice for any entry level foil windsurfers. Early lift, easy access, great to progress. Great for Prone Foiling for advanced riders in medium surf. Top choice for winging in medium size surf for direct turning behaviour.

Higher Aspect – Performance / Manoeuvre

• Flow Foil 1000: Top choice for the ambitious Windsurf Foiler. Great for every winger looking for higher speeds and lively feel when the wind gets stronger.

Mast options

75cm – All-round / Entry / Freestyle
Go-to size for most Wing Foilers on lakes, great to start and very compact for progressive air moves. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf.

• 82cm – All-round / Surf / Freestyle / Downwind
“One for all” mast for Wing Foilers looking for the perfect mix of being compact for freestyle, yet having length for surfing and swell. Prone and SUP foilers in medium surf. Freestyle Windsurf Foilers.



• 78cm – “All-round” – Entry / Freeride / Pump
Wing Foilers of all levels progressing from entry to advanced, with the option to adjust to their level. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf. Prone, SUP and Pump Foilers looking for an easy and stable ride with great pumping abilities